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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Service

1. Nature of Services
We shall perform the following services for you in connection with the planning, preparing and placing of advertising for your product(s) or service(s): 
(a) Study your products or services; 
(b) Analyze your present and potential markets;
(c) Create, prepare and submit to you, for approval, advertising ideas and programs;
(d) Employ on your behalf our knowledge of available media and means that too can be profitably used to advertise your product(s) or service(s);
(e) Prepare and submit to you, for approval, estimates of costs of these recommended advertising programs;
(f) Write, design, illustrate, produce or otherwise prepare your advertisements, including commercials to be broadcast, or other appropriate forms of your message;
2. Other Terms:
(A). For individual(s)/Affiliate Marketer(s) :
1. The customer will not get more than 1 coupon bonus/discounts for facebook ads(Indiviual, affliate marketer, MSME)
2. In case of facebook ads services customer/individual(s) ad account can get restricted by the facebook itself without any prior notice or information to us/customer(s). [ by facebooks Ads Policy ]
In that case the company (Adfist) or its employee(s) or representatives are not responsible for it and also the refund policy is not applicable for the same. 

3. No refund will be given after 24 hours of completion of payment(s) as the service(s) gets activated at the time when you make the payment(s).
4. Refund policy is not available if one is not able to get the desired results as expected. As the results (conversion or getting the sales) varies on human emotions. (Applicable on; lead management system, getting results from generated leads, high Cost Per Click)
5. Individual(s) / Marketer(s) will get 30 days of service validity on any services from the company Adfist and they can use this in 3 different categories as mentioned below:
a. 10-10-10 days from the day of payment.
b. 15-15days from the day of payment.
c. 30 days from the day of payment.

B. For Other Businesses:
1. Any Real Estate/ Education Institute/School(s)/or any SME/MSME businesses are also eligible to all the terms and clause(s) mentioned in Other Terms for individual(s)/Affiliate Marketer(s) except point 5(a , b , c ,) .

Note: The company is responsible and can do any changes in this Terms of Service and other polices at its best interest.

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